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Complaints about pump-up sprayers and chemical injectors were requests for something better. The Juice Box is simply that something better.

Q: You say it’s better to use the Juice Box than a Pressure Washer chemical injector. Why?

A: The Juice Box allows better control over whatever you spray because you are only applying your concentrated pre-mixed solution. Pressure Washer chemical injectors over-dilute solutions to an unknown ratio and then over-apply the mixture, flooding the area and often creating problems.
Q: What other uses for the Juice Box did you mention?

A: They’re great for applying cleaners and mildew killers. But they are also as good or better for use with water or mineral based sealers and the like. We have flat fan spray Nozzles just for that use.
Q: Who would use a Juice Box? A: Anyone doing painting or cleaning. Especially users of those troublesome hand pumped sprayers

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